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Arvixe Webhosting Plans

Located in San Luis, CA Arvixe is a webhosting company founded in 2003 and has over 12 years in the field of webhosting. Arvixe Webhosting Company made it to the list of 500 fastest growing companies in America both in 2011 and 2012. The following is an overview of Arvixe webhosting plans and some of the features one should expect when using Arvixe webhosting plans.


Arvixe Webhosting

Arvixe hosting plans
Arvixe offers numerous hosting plans with some of the most common categories being business, personal, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting plans.

Business class and personal hosting plan: shared hosting plans

Personal and business class hosting plans mainly focuses on individuals and businesses who are interested in a cost effective webhosting solution. As already mentioned, these hosting plans make use of shared servers.

For both personal class and business class webhosting plans, an individual can either use a customized or cPanel control panel. An individual also has the option of using either a Linux operating system or a Windows operating system but this is dependent on the hosting plan. All plans under this categories feature unlimited storage space and unmetered transfer capacity.

Basic packages in both the business and personal Arvixe webhosting plans such as the Personal class ASP and Business class have the capacity to host up to 6 websites while advanced hosting plans in this category can host an unlimited number of websites.

Servers for the shared hosting plans are located in Europe and the US and clients get a free domain name. Extra features such as SSL certificates and dedicated IPs come at an extra cost.

Dedicated class and VPS hosting

VPS standard hosting includes a free domain name, SSL certificate and 2 IP addresses. VPS hosting plans provided by Arvixe webhosting generally make use of single core processors with varying RAM capacity of between 1GB to 3GB depending on the VPS class.

Dedicated hosting plans on the other hand are equipped with due-core processors and also feature varying RAM capacity with from 512MB to 8GB. Dedicated servers also boast of 100 percent fully managed servers, security updates that are carried out every midnight and dedicated support 24/7.

Reseller hosting plan

Reseller hosting plans generally feature varying capacities of storage space starting at 50GB with the higher packages ranging at 200GB. It also boasts of hosting an unlimited number of websites and can be compatible with both Linux and windows operating system. The transfer capacity for the reseller hosting plans varies from 500GB to 2 TB.

Arvixe webhosting plans features

Help and support

Arvixe offers one of the best customer support services. For starters, it has a 24/7 phone support and also has plenty of support features that can be accessed through the cPanel and also the Arvixe site. Arvixe also has email ticketing support, user discussion forums and even video tutorials .


Like with any other webhosting company, security associated with a shared server automatically takes a hit. However, security features associated with a dedicated server are one of the best. Axvine uses a two step password protected login procedure and as such, offers reasonable security when it comes to shared hosting plans.